LED Photo Facial Treatments

LED Photo Facial Treatments

LED Photo Facial Treatments provide non-invasive, preventative and corrective treatments by utilizing the entire visible light spectrum. This treatment is proven to counteract specific skin conditions and combat the effects of cellular aging. Optimal results are seen with consistent, frequent treatments, followed by maintenance every 4-5 weeks.

LED Solo Treatment – 30 minutes $75

This quick yet effective treatment is perfect for your time crunched schedule and includes a cleanse, customized serum, MAX 7 LED Treatment, and protective cream.

LED Above and Beyond Facial – 60 minutes $125

Take your treatment a step further with our deluxe LED facial. We begin your treatment with a refreshing double cleanse and a custom blended serum is applied and activated with the LED MAX 7 therapy. A sleep inducing hand, shoulder and neck massage will send you into bliss followed by a facial massage in preparation for the infusing mask that will ensure maximum penetration of your active ingredients. Your treatment finishes with a nourishing eye cream and a protective moisturizer.

LED Max7 as an additional service – 20 minutes $50

Our LED may be customized to enhance any facial treatment. Make sure to let us know when booking so we can ensure the proper amount of time for your treatment.

Add Enzyme Peel for deeper exfoliation to any Max 7 treatment $25

The Power of Light

The power of light therapy originates back to the ancient times. The Greeks first recorded the healing properties of light in 1500 BC when they suggested that exposure to light was essential for the restoration of health. All intercellular communications are based on light energy. Negative energy creates imbalance and blockages. Emotional and physical trauma and stress build up in our electromagnetic field, where they can trigger emotional and physical disease. It is an undisputed scientific fact that disease prevention, health, healing, beauty, and anti-aging all begin at the cellular level. The health of your cells dictates the health of your body and your mind.

What is LED?

LED stands for light emitting diode- a non-laser form of phototherapy. You are probably familiar with LED technology for its commercial use in LED TVs and in the lighting industry. LEDs are also well recognized as an alternative to incandescent bulbs. However, LED technology has applications that go far beyond lighting and entertainment. Over centuries, many cultures have studied the effects of color and light leading to today’s modern practices of light and color therapy (also called Phototherapy and Chromatherapy).

How LED works in skin:

LED works in skin similar to the process of photosynthesis; precise wavelengths emitted by tiny bulbs pass through the dermis, energizing injured cells and stimulating cellular activity. The skin naturally wants to repair itself, given the chance.

“If you have enough light, it will help the cells in essence breathe.”

Professor of Harvard Dermatology, Anderson, MD.

Benefits of LED Therapy:

  • May enhance immune response and wound healing.
  • Enhances cell to cell communication
  • Aids in the repair of DNA damage
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • Increases energy in the cell (ATP)
  • Aids in the regulation of hormonal activity by triggering a response in both the pituitary & pineal glands.
  • Helps control post hyper pigmentation.
  • Improves skin tone and helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Activates fibroblast cells which create collagen and elastin.
  • Reduces overall redness and flushing.

Laboratory studies have shown that skin cells grow 160-200% more quickly when exposed to certain LED wavelengths.